The dangers of perfectionism in the workplace: Are you aware?

Do you recognise at least 3 items below in your employee? This could be a sign of (problematic) perfectionism.

  • Often looks like they're in a hurry, rushing places  
  • Doesn't ask for help easily, feels like they should be able to do everything themselves  
  • Can't bear making mistakes, often focuses on their shortcomings  
  • Thrives on affirmative words and appriciation (but doesn't always ask for them)  
  • Big sense of responsibility, often the first to volunteer in a task that arises  
  • Has a hard time letting go of work in their free time 
  • Experiences a lot of stress and feelings of overwhelm/pressure (but won't always express these feelings)
  • Doesn't take enough breaks during a working day  

We often underestimate the negative impact of perfectionism 

At first glance, perfectionists seem like the ideal employees.  

They work hard and do their very best at everything that comes their way. They're often very envolved in their work.

But when perfectionism takes over, this behavior can turn into striving too hard. Pressuring yourself way too much, and always doubting your performance.  

It's crucial to recognise this pattern in an early stage. This way it can be turned around so that burn-out and other stress-related diseases can be prevented in the long run. 

Through coaching I will help your employee to:

  • Discover their own boundaries and how to communicate these (on time!) in a respectful way to others 
  • Recognise when their self-criticism is out of hand and to turn this into an attitude of self-support
  • Find a better balance between effort & relaxation, so they'll have more energy left at the end of the day/week 
  • If appropriate, we can investigate whether their current position is a good fit for your employee, or that they should focus on finding a job that better suits their talents and character  


My name is Evelien Bijl and I a coach highly educated perfectionists. I live in the Netherlands, but since I coach online I speak to clients from all over the world.

Back in 2011, after graduating with honours in my psychology studies, I started working in a management traineeship for a large corporation.  

For over seven years I trained, coached and adviced managers to achieve better results with their teams.  

I struggled with my own perfectionism, especially in the first two years of my career. I was constantly worried that I wasn't performing good enough (even though there was no reason to assume this).  

Throughout the years I developed a way of coping with this in a much more effective way. This resulted in a much more relaxed and happy life - and I also actually became better at my job...  

That's why I started coaching other smart perfectionists in 2016. It's wonderful to be able to teach them everything that has helped me to become a much more easygoing version of myself.

Please, feel free to email me if you have any questions: .

You're also invited to set up a quick discovery call below. This way, we can chat about what releasing perfectionism can do for your employee (and your organisation!):


"Before I started, I doubted whether this program would really make a difference. Wouldn't talking to Evelien be the same as talking to my friends?  

But in our first chat I immediately discovered how well Evelien understands my thoughts and my behaviors. She has gone through the exact same thing. That's why I really recommend working with her to all perfectionists out there!  

Right now I feel much more relaxed, in work and in my personal life. I am able to calmly handle things I used to freak out about.  

If you're open to change, please book this call. You won't regret it!"  

Ann (25, Communications)  


"I've made quite the change over the last couple of months. I'm less perfectionist at work, yesterday I sent out an e-mail which I hadn't checked a gazillion times!  

I am also much better at setting boundaries now, both at work and in my personal life. For example, I told my friend that I'd be needing some alone time during our trip together. I'm definitely making progress!"  

Isabel (39, Social worker)  

"I was definitely on the fence about joining the VIP-program. But I'm beyond happy that I did. I am now much better at setting boundaries and taking rest. These used to be my biggest issues. "  

Wietske (24, Student)  

"I really wasn’t sure about coaching, but I felt like I had to try something because I was just so stressed about work.  

I really want to thank Evelien - our sessions started to make me think and challenge myself - this is more than I expected coaching to actually do for me!"  

Anny (33, Senior Brand Manager)  


"I really loved this program. Eveliens ability to ask the right questions and her genuine support continue to amaze me.  

I recently decided to quit my job and go abroad for a couple of months. A decision I don't know I could've made without Eveliens coaching!"  

Janneke (33, Projectmanager)  

"I've disvovered that perfectionism is not something that defines who you are. Instead it's a state of mind which you can turn off - with some tips, tricks & practice.  

Loved the coaching calls: down to earth, very grounded with a sense of humor, practical tips to be kind to myself and sometimes a good cry. Excellent!"  

Maaike (35, Manager)

"What I like about the VIP program is that it's so personal. Evelien is very much herself, she really cares about her clients and can also be straight to the point when necessary. I'm so happy to have worked with her to figure out what it is I want to do in life.  

Because of this program, I feel a lot better about myself. And I've learned tha it's ok to express my feelings and that I'm allowed to be gentle with myself."  

Michele (25, Student)  

"Before I joined this program, I felt locked up in my calendar. I was looking for a feeling of controlling my own time.  

The solution turned out to be to listen very carefully to myself and to choose for myself over and over again.  

This surprised me.  

Evelien doesn't work with a 'one size fits all'-approach. She uses her empathy and her own experiences to really tailor the coaching to me. I loved it!"  

Rhea (28, Student)